I’ve submitted my account transfer. What happens next?

Wealthfront transfers accounts electronically, generally within 5 to 10 business days.

The transfer process follows these steps:

  1. Review (1-2 business days). Our account transfer team reviews your request and contacts you if we need any additional information.
  2. Transfer (5-10 business days). Most transfers take 5-10 business days once the review is complete.Your funds are transferred through the industry-standard Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS). During an ACATS transfer, your funds leave your previous institution before arriving at Wealthfront, so you may notice a 1-2 day period where your funds do not appear in either account. This is normal. Rest assured that we will contact you if anything unexpected occurs. A note regarding full transfers: In some cases a small amount of funds remain at your previous institution even after the transfer completes. This can be due to fractional shares and/or dividends that are paid out after the initial transfer. Wealthfront automatically sweeps any remaining funds into your Wealthfront account within a few weeks of the initial transfer.
  3. Confirmation. For taxable accounts, your previous firm usually automatically shares the cost basis of your assets with us within two days of the transfer. Unfortunately some firms take as long as 15 business days to provide this information. Once your assets arrive and we have cost basis information, we email you to log in and confirm your transfer plan so that we can start selling the transferred assets and investing the proceeds according to your plan.

  A few additional notes:

  • We can only complete transfers when the account information on file at both firms matches. For example:
    • Account types must be compatible.
    • Account owners must match. For example, you cannot transfer an account in your spouse’s name into an account in your name at Wealthfront. The account owner’s name is often referred to as the “account title".
    • Addresses and other information must match.
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