Why didn’t all of my investments come over when I transferred my account?

There are two possible reasons for this:

Reason 1:  Some investments are restricted at your other firm. This may mean that your account has pending (unsettled) activity, is enrolled in a managed account program, is/was part of an Employee Stock Purchase Program (ESPP), or currently subject to some other restriction.  

Solution: Generally, this is an administrative matter and nothing to worry about, but please check with your current firm to ensure that the investments are eligible to transfer to Wealthfront. Once your other firm removes the restriction you can request another transfer by clicking Transfer or rollover on your dashboard.


Reason 2: We cannot transfer those investments as we would not be able hold them in your Wealthfront account. Wealthfront generally supports U.S. stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that are actively traded on a U.S. exchange. We cannot hold penny stocks, certain mutual funds, and some other types of investments. Learn more about the types of investments that you should sell before transferring here.

Solution: While you can’t move those investments to Wealthfront, you can sell them and transfer the cash proceeds to Wealthfront. Work with your other firm to liquidate the investments. If you previously request a full account transfer (check this in your Transactions tab) the new cash proceeds should automatically be swept to Wealthfront when the transaction settles (this may take a few weeks). If you requested a partial transfer, you must request another transfer by clicking Transfer or rollover on your dashboard.   

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