Why has my Path changed? Why have my on track percentages for my goals changed?

A variety of factors that go into calculating your Path and on-track percentages can change daily without your direct input. These include:

Transactions made in your linked accounts. For example, a large purchase made recently in one of your linked accounts will likely affect our calculation of your average monthly spending, which informs our suggested level of retirement spending for you. Also, a large one time deposit in one of your investment accounts will affect our calculation of your average monthly savings into that account. Similarly, older transactions will expire from our rolling estimate of your rates, so a large transaction made over a year ago will no longer count toward our estimations.

New linked accounts. Linking a new account will give us a broader picture of your financial life by providing more information on your portfolio of investments and transactions in those accounts.

New information concerning your linked portfolios. We may receive new information about the underlying assets in your linked accounts that changes our expected return assumption for the account.

Changing market expectations. We model many of our return assumptions, such as inflation and mortgage rates, off of up-to-date economic data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis which might fluctuate on a daily basis.

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