What is a stock collection? Do I have to invest in an entire collection?

Stock collections are a set of stocks designed around an investing theme to help you discover investing opportunities you might not have considered. We currently offer 35+ collections of stocks that you can invest in. 

You are not required to invest in an entire collection, you may add as many stocks from a collection as you wish. When you find a collection you want to invest in, tap Invest and select the stocks you want to include. By default the stocks in a collection are equally-weighted, but you may change the weights however you like. In order to ensure our clients invest aligned with their risk profile, we require that you hold a minimum of three stocks in a portfolio to invest. 

Once you’ve added stocks to your portfolio you can purchase them by selecting ‘Invest’. If you are not yet ready to invest, you can save the stocks in a portfolio and wait to invest until you’re ready.

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