How do I sell stocks that I hold in my Stock Investing Account?

You can sell an individual stock or a portion of all of the stocks within a portfolio in your Stock Investing Account. 

To sell an individual stock:

  • Select the portfolio that holds the stock you want to sell
  • Click on the name of the stock
  • Select ‘Sell’ 
  • Enter the dollar amount you want to sell and submit

To sell a portion of all of the stocks in your portfolio:

  • Select the portfolio that you’d like to sell a portion on
  • Select ‘Sell’
  • Enter the total dollar value that you want to sell and withdraw from your account

Our software will then split your holdings to meet the total amount that you want to withdraw. We take the following steps to determine how we split your sell:

  1. If there is any cash available in the portfolio, we will use that first.
  2. We will attempt to sell shares proportionally based on the account’s current holdings. 
  3. Within each stock, we will attempt to sell shares in a tax-efficient way. 

Review the withdrawal split, submit the sale, and you’re done.

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