What type of investments are not supported at Wealthfront?

You cannot transfer the following types of investments:

  • Low-priced stocks that do not trade on an exchange (sometimes referred to as “Penny Stocks”)
  • Mutual funds for which we do not have a selling agreement with the mutual fund issuer.
  • Annuities and other insurance products
  • Options and other derivative securities
  • Unit Investment Trusts (UITs)
  • Any other product that is not actively traded on a U.S. exchange, including private investments, foreign stocks, hedge funds, and many REITs.

If you’d like to transfer any of these unsupported investments, you’ll first need to sell them at your other firm and transfer the cash proceeds (check with your other firm for any applicable fees for selling your investments). Note: selling investments may be a taxable event, so consult a tax advisor before selling investments.

Learn more about the investment types we support here.

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