Where can I find the cost basis for my Stock Investing Account?

There are two ways to view the cost basis of positions held in a Stock Investing Account:

  1. By selecting an asset from within its respective portfolio, you will see an aggregate cost basis. Note that in cases where the same security is held across multiple portfolios, the average cost basis is displayed. The cost basis may also be incomplete if we are still awaiting cost basis information from your previous firm following an ACAT.

  2. For a detailed view of the cost basis for each tax lot, select Manage on the portfolio page of your Stock Investing Account, then select View cost basis details. This page allows you to view information on all of the open and closed positions in your Stock Investing Account by adjusting the Select a report drop down menu. If a wash sale occurs within the Stock Investing Account, the cost basis will typically be adjusted by the amount of the disallowed loss, and the acquisition date will typically reflect that of the previous holding.

In addition, corporate actions such as stock splits and mergers can also impact the open date and cost basis of a security.

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