Are there any fees for transferring my account to Wealthfront?

Wealthfront does not charge any fees to transfer investments from another firm to your Wealthfront account, but your other firm may charge an account closing and/or transfer fee (often called an “ACATS” fee).

If your firm does charge a fee, they’ll generally deduct it from your transferred balance, either during the transfer or after your investments arrive at Wealthfront (in which case you’ll see this fee as a transaction in your Wealthfront account activity). To determine which fees may apply to your transfer, contact your other firm.

In the event your other firm charges a fee that puts your Wealthfront account in a negative cash balance, Wealthfront can use existing cash in your investment account to cover the amount. If there is no cash in your investment account, Wealthfront can use cash in your Cash account to cover the negative cash balance. Otherwise, securities will be sold proportionally in your account to cover the negative cash balance.

Note: Wealthfront does not reimburse fees charged by other firms.

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