What is Daily Tax-Loss Harvesting? How is it different from Tax-Loss Harvesting in general?

Daily Tax-Loss Harvesting is a service offered by Wealthfront that allows us to check your account for Tax-Loss Harvesting opportunities on a daily basis.

Tax-Loss Harvesting as traditionally practiced and as offered by non-software-based financial advisors typically only checks your account for Tax-Loss Harvesting opportunities once a year.

That means traditional Tax-Loss Harvesting misses many opportunities to harvest tax-losses and generate additional performance through Tax Alpha relative to Daily Tax-Loss Harvesting.

For example, our blog post details the Tax-Alpha benefit generated for Wealthfront clients in 2013 on a monthly basis.

You’ll note that despite an overall increase in the stock market in 2013, Daily Tax-Loss Harvesting was able to generate additional performance through tax alpha for our clients during a market downturn during the summer.

Waiting until the end of the year to Tax-Loss Harvest would have missed that opportunity and likely would have harvested no losses for 2013 given the strong performance of the market.


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