Why do I see a login from a state where I don’t reside?

The login history in your account identifies the source of your login according to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) you used to access your account. For example, if you access your Wealthfront account from home, your ISP will most likely list the state of your login correctly. However, there are three circumstances we know of that can cause an alternative state to show up in your login history:

  1. You subscribe to an account consolidation service like Mint or Personal Capital. Many of these services work with third-party providers who provide the technology to “scrape” information from sites like ours to populate your consolidated balance sheet. The origin of their logins will be where their data centers are located.
  2. You accessed our service from a mobile device. Mobile operators route their access in such a way that the state they display as the source of the access is not necessarily the state from which you physically accessed our service.
  3. You accessed our service from a business network such as a hotel or a coffee shop. Business networks often display their headquarters as the source state rather than the place from which you accessed our service.

If you have any concerns regarding the locations listed in your login history, please change the password on your Wealthfront account. We also recommend changing the password on the email address you use to login to your Wealthfront account as an added layer of security. It’s also a good idea to use different passwords for all of your confidential online accounts.


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