Stock restriction list

The stock restriction list is designed to make sure stocks that you are restricted from trading will never be traded in your Wealthfront Automated Investing Account.

If you add a stock that we would normally hold in a US Direct Indexing position to the list, we will not purchase it on your behalf. Instead, we will buy other stocks from the associated index to make sure that your US Direct Indexing position still closely tracks the broad US stock market. Placing a security on your restrictions list after we've purchased it means we won't trade it going forward. This means we won't sell the current shares or buy additional shares. If you currently hold these positions, we will not automatically sell them – we will hold them until the restriction is removed or the Automated Investing Account is closed. 

Please note that trade restrictions may change your risk and expected returns, and impact your portfolio's performance. 

How do I edit my stock restriction list? 

On web: Log in to our website and click your name at the top right, then Settings, then Restrictions.  

In the mobile app: Click the Settings wheel in the top left corner and then select Stock restriction

Please add the stock ticker for any stocks you are restricted from owning/trading to list and we’ll make sure to never buy or sell those stocks as part of US Direct Indexing in your Automated Investing Account.

If you’re married, then please also add any stocks that your spouse is restricted from trading to the list, too.

Why would I be restricted from trading certain stocks?

If you or your spouse work for a publicly-traded company or a regulated firm, you may be subject to trading windows and restrictions. Or, you may just not want to hold additional shares of a specific company if you have a concentrated position outside of Wealthfront. 

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