Why do you have a minimum account size for Stock-level Tax-Loss Harvesting and Smart Beta?

Any Wealthfront taxable account with over $100,000 to invest is eligible for Stock-level Tax-Loss Harvesting. Any Wealthfront taxable account with over $500,000 to invest is eligible for Smart Beta.

Our minimums for are based on dollar amounts required to hold a reasonable collection of individual US stocks in a Stock-level Tax-Loss Harvesting and Smart Beta position while continuing to track the performance of the broad US market.

That means that the Stock-level Tax-Loss Harvesting and Smart Beta minimums must be met through cash deposits or assets in your Wealthfront diversified portfolio. Other assets, such as assets you’ve transferred to Wealthfront via a Tax-Minimized Brokerage Account Transfer and which are still being sold or diversified, can not be used to meet this minimum as those assets can not be used to purchase individual stocks until their sale is completed.

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