How do I get started with Wealthfront?

There are three steps to get started with Wealthfront - each is listed below. The good news is our website and Help Center are meant to provide you with all the information you need. We'll even show you an exact recommendation before we ask you for any personal account opening information. Our account minimum is just $500.

1) The questionnaire. When you go to our homepage and click on "invest now" or "open an account," we will ask you a series of brief questions so we can build a recommended portfolio for you. If you don't know an answer to a questions, that's ok - you can change it later if needed. After the last question, we will present you with a recommended portfolio and risk score on our "investment plan" page.

2) The investment plan page. The investment plan page that follows the last question in our questionnaire details what we would buy for you, the percentages we would buy it in, and why we would buy it for you. Please take your time and explore this investment plan page.

3) Opening an account. Once you're comfortable with a particular risk score, you can click on "open an account." We will ask you "what would you like to do?" for your funding options and then give you several options for an account type. Click here to learn more about how to fund your account.


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