Troubleshoot Autopilot

Troubleshoot monitoring

  • The balance of my Monitored Account isn’t current.
    Autopilot checks the balance of your Monitored Account once every day. This means the balance you see on your Autopilot dashboard may not reflect recent transactions made in your account.
  • Autopilot can’t connect to my external account.
    If Autopilot isn’t able to refresh your balance, it will try again the next day. If a bad connection persists, Autopilot will pause daily monitoring until it can reconnect. During this time, you can also try to renew the link yourself.
  • I have to renew the link every time I use Autopilot.
    Ah, sorry about that! Certain accounts require you to personally renew the connection every day, and we’re working on a solution. In the meantime, you might try using another external account or the Wealthfront Cash Account.

Troubleshoot transfers

  • I have extra cash but no transfer
    Autopilot won't transfer extra cash if: 

◦ You have less than $100 extra. Once you’re at least $100 over your maximum balance, Autopilot will schedule a transfer.

 You just completed an Autopilot transfer. Autopilot only checks for extra cash once a day, so a transfer may not be scheduled until the next day.

 Autopilot can’t connect to your Monitored Account. Please wait for Autopilot to repair the link, or try to refresh the link yourself.

 Your Monitored Account is a linked external account, and a pending transfer from that account to any Wealthfront account will leave you with less than $100 extra once it completes.

 Your Monitored Account is a Wealthfront Cash Account, and a pending withdrawal from that account will leave you with less than $100 extra once it completes.

  • The balance of my Monitored Account changed after Autopilot scheduled a transfer.
    Not to worry — Autopilot will check your balance before initiating your transfer. 

 If you have more extra cash (or the same amount), your transfer amount will remain the same and the transfer will be initiated.

◦ If you have less extra cash, Autopilot will only transfer that smaller amount, as long as it’s more than $100.

If you have no extra cash, Autopilot will cancel the transfer.

 If Autopilot can’t connect with your Monitored Account, Autopilot will pause your transfer. Your transfer will be initiated only once Autopilot can make sure it won’t overdraft your account.

  • Where's my transfer?
    Once initiated, transfers usually take 1–2 business days. Please allow for extra time if your transfer was initiated on a weekend or holiday.

I still need help with Autopilot

We’re here to help! Please send us a support message.

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