Adding Wealthfront exclusive strategies to your Automated Investing Account

There are two ways to add Wealthfront exclusives (the Risk Parity Fund, US Direct Indexing, and Smart Beta) to your Automated Investing Account: using an expert-built portfolio with these strategies included or adding strategies to an existing automated portfolio.

Use an expert-built portfolio with Wealthfront exclusives

We currently offer the following expert-built portfolios with Wealthfront exclusive strategies:

  • Direct Indexing (Includes US Direct Indexing and Smart Beta)

You’ll get a chance to select from our array of expert-built portfolios, including those with Wealthfront exclusives, when you first open an Automated Investing Account. If you’d like to use one of these expert-built portfolios in an existing account, navigate to your Automated Investing Account, select Edit portfolio, select Switch, and choose the portfolio you’d like to replace your current portfolio.

Add Wealthfront exclusives to your automated portfolio

If you wish to add US Direct Indexing or the Risk Parity Fund to an existing automated account, navigate to your Investment Account, select Edit portfolio, and then select Add investment. From there, you can scroll down to Wealthfront exclusives and add your desired selections.

Are all accounts eligible for Wealthfront exclusives?

No. Since these strategies are primarily beneficial for tax savings, Wealthfront exclusives are only available for taxable Automated Investing Accounts. There are also account minimums for these strategies:

To learn more about adding these offerings to your account, watch this video

To learn how we'll manage your portfolio if you allocate to one of these strategies prior to reaching the account minimums, please read the links above.

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