Adding Wealthfront exclusive strategies to your account

Wealthfront exclusives (the Risk Parity Fund, US Direct Indexing, and Smart Beta) are only available for taxable Investment Accounts, and those accounts will have ETF-level Tax-Loss Harvesting enabled by default (although you can disable it on your account settings page if you wish). To add US Direct Indexing or the Risk Parity Fund to your account, click on your Investment Account and then select Edit Portfolio. Then select Add investment and then scroll to Wealthfront exclusives. From there, follow the prompts to add your desired selection to your portfolio.

If you have an account with US Direct Indexing, you will automatically receive Smart Beta when your account balance reaches $500,000.

Can I use Wealthfront exclusives if my account balance is below $100,000?

Yes, but you should know that US Direct Indexing (formerly known as Stock-level Tax-Loss Harvesting) and our risk parity offering behave differently below the $100,000 minimum. Below that balance, accounts with US Direct Indexing will hold VTI, and accounts with risk parity selected will hold a mix of VTI, EMB, and BND. These ETFs were chosen by our Investment Research team to best replicate the investment objectives and risk profile of Wealthfront exclusives. 

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