New accounts and Wealthfront exclusives

Wealthfront recommended portfolios are ETF-only. That means we don’t include Wealthfront exclusives (the Risk Parity Fund, US Direct Indexing, or Smart Beta) in our recommended portfolios, although you can easily add them to your taxable Investment Account. (If you already have a recommended portfolio that contains these offerings, there will be no change.)

How do I add Wealthfront exclusives to my account?

If you wish to add US Direct Indexing or the Risk Parity Fund to your account, select Edit portfolio on your Investment Account dashboard and then Add investment. From there, you can scroll down to Wealthfront exclusives and add your desired selections.

Accounts with US Direct Indexing enabled will automatically receive Smart Beta once the account balance reaches $500,000

Please note that accounts under $100,000 with the intent to hold the Risk Parity Fund will hold a mix of ETFs instead of the mutual fund. You can read more here.

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