Expert-built portfolios

We offer a variety of expert-built portfolios focused on different themes and strategies, but all are built with mid-term (3-10 years) and long-term (10+ years) investors in mind.

All of our expert-built portfolios share the following qualities:

  • They’re curated by experts. These investment mixes are hand-picked by our research team to be diversified and optimized for mid to long-term growth. 
  • They’re automatically managed. We automatically invest your deposits to your investment mix, rebalance allocations, and reinvest dividends to keep your portfolio diversified and fully invested.
  • They’re optimized for tax savings. For taxable investment accounts, our Tax-Loss Harvesting strategy is always looking for ways to help you save on taxes and earn more over time.
  • They’re easy to personalize. You can change your risk level, add and remove investments, or tweak the investment mix to suit your unique goals. Learn more in Customizing your portfolio.

How do I invest in an expert-built portfolio?

If you’d like to use an expert-built portfolio in an existing account:

  1. Navigate to the Investment Account page
  2. Select Edit portfolio
  3. Select Switch next to your current portfolio name (if you’ve customized your portfolio, it’ll say “Custom portfolio”)
  4. Select the portfolio you’d like to switch to
  5. When you’re done adjusting your portfolio, select Continue, then Update portfolio

Keep in mind: While we’ll try to transition to your new allocation tax-efficiently, this process may incur taxes. If your current holdings are significantly different from your target holdings, you may consider investing in a new expert-built portfolio with a new Investment Account.

Want to learn more about customizing your portfolio? Here's a walkthrough on this: How to customize your portfolio

If you’d like to use an expert-built portfolio in a new account:

  1. Start the process of opening a new account
  2. On the “Choose a portfolio to start with” screen, select your desired portfolio
  3. If you’d like to change to a different portfolio, select Switch next to your current portfolio name (if you’ve customized your portfolio, it’ll say “Custom portfolio”), then select the portfolio you’d like to switch to
  4. Select Use this portfolio, then proceed with the rest of the account opening process

What expert-built portfolios do you offer?

As of September 2021, we offer the following portfolios:


Our original portfolio, diversified with thousands of investments across the globe.

Socially Responsible

Our portfolio diversified with companies vetted for socially responsible practices.

Direct Indexing

Our portfolio designed to enhance tax savings by investing in individual stocks. Requires a minimum $100,000 investment.

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