Can I transfer my outside account into Wealthfront?

Yes! If you are a client, simply click "Transfer / rollover" on your dashboard after you login:


If you are not a client, simply click "Invest now" on our homepage and we will help you transfer your account to us.

We are able to transfer an outside account (including an IRA) in its entirety to Wealthfront using the industry-standard Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS). We'll also minimize any taxes during the transfer automatically.

For IRAs: we sell your transferred assets and invest you in the appropriate Wealthfront portfolio, since transferring IRAs is not a taxable event.

For taxable accounts: we will do the same but in a tax-minimized way.

In particular, for taxable accounts, we will:

  1. Incorporate compatible transferred assets (e.g. Wealthfront portfolio ETFs or large-cap stocks) directly into your Wealthfront investment mix whenever possible
  2. Sell assets with losses
  3. Sell assets with long-term capital gains
  4. Use short-term capital losses from daily tax-loss harvesting and Direct Indexing to offset short-term capital gains and accelerate your transition into the Wealthfront portfolio
  5. Defer selling any other assets with short-term capital gains until they go long-term (owned for at least one year)

To ensure a smooth transfer, we encourage you to sell assets incompatible with Wealthfront such as bonds, stock options, penny stocks, and mutual funds before initiating the transfer. Transferring accounts with such assets may delay or impede your transfer process.


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