Open an Automated Investing Account

1) Choose an account type. Click Get started. Next, select Invest in an automated portfolio and then choose an account type. To learn more about the account types we offer, click here.

2) Answer a short questionnaire. We’ll ask you a short series of questions so we can build a recommended portfolio for you. If you don't know an answer to a question, that's ok — you can change it later if needed. After the last question, we will present you with a recommended portfolio and risk score on your investment plan page.

3) View your investment plan page. The investment plan page that follows the last question in our questionnaire details what we would buy for you, the percentages we would buy it in, and how we generated this recommendation. You can move forward with this investment plan by selecting Use this portfolio, change your risk score using the slider,  or customize your portfolio further by selecting Edit portfolio. Click here to learn more about editing your portfolio.

4) Fund your account. After setting up your investment plan, you’ll be prompted to select a funding source for your new account. Note that our account minimum is just $500.

To learn more about getting started with our Cash Account, please see this article.


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