How long do Cash Account withdrawals take to arrive?

Cash Account withdrawals generally arrive within 1-2 business days, but many arrive within the same day you submit. We’re continuously working on making withdrawals faster to help you access your money when you need it. 

You can make unlimited withdrawals from your Cash Account. We don’t charge a fee for ACH or RTP withdrawals, but we do charge for outgoing wire transfers from Individual Cash Accounts.

Withdrawal speed depends on the transfer method that’s used. We send transfers using ACH and RTP networks, and automatically select the best option based on availability.

  • ACH transfers usually arrive within 1-2 business days, but can arrive within the same day if they’re submitted early enough.
  • RTP transfers should arrive within the same day. RTP eligibility depends on the receiving institution and transfer limit. You can see details in the Wealthfront app when you go to make a withdrawal. 

Keep in mind that we sometimes need to review transfers for security purposes, which can cause transfers to take longer than usual. If manual review is needed, we’ll give you a heads up prior to submitting, along with an updated arrival time.

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