What can I expect for the upcoming tax season for my Wealthfront account(s)?

Below is a short summary of what to expect for tax season over the coming months: 

  1. When will my tax documents be available? For any taxable accounts or IRAs with withdrawals, the first tax documents will post around February 15th. Why February 15th? 
    You can access them by clicking the "Documents" link on the top of the website once you log in, and we will email you when the documents are available. To learn the timing of other tax documents, get more detail here.
  2. Which tax documents should I be expecting? You should expect the following:
    • For any taxable accounts, trust accounts, or joint accounts with dividends or realized gains/losses we’ll post a Consolidated 1099. Please note that some taxable accounts will have 2 Consolidated 1099s this year. Here's why.
    • For any IRAs (Traditional, Roth, or SEP) with any distributions/withdrawals, we’ll post a 1099-R.
    • For any IRAs with contributions/deposits, we'll post a form 5498 (this won't be available until late May because you can contribute to an IRA through mid-April). More about Form 5498 here.
    • For any 529 account with distributions/withdrawals we’ll post a 1099-Q.
  3. Can I import these documents into TurboTaxYes! We're pleased to continue our partnership with TurboTax this year. You'll have the ability to download a CSV file with your tax information in case you're using another tax software.

 You should expect an email when your first tax documents are ready around February 15th.

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