Customizing your Automated Investing Account portfolio

You can customize your automated account by adding and/or removing investments to your portfolio and changing the investment allocations within your investment mix. Additionally, you can choose between a variety of portfolios focused on specific themes and strategies when investing on Wealthfront; learn more in our article about expert-built portfolios. 

If you want to customize an existing Automated Investment Account, navigate to your account page in the app or on the website and select Edit portfolio to see the array of customization options.

If you are opening a new Wealthfront Automated Investment Account, we’ll ask you a brief series of questions and present you with a recommended portfolio. From there, you can select Edit portfolio on the recommended portfolio screen to start customizing your portfolio.

Which account types can I customize?

  • Individual Automated Investment Accounts
  • Joint Automated Investment Accounts
  • Trust Automated Investment Account
  • Automated Individual Retirement Accounts (Traditional, Roth, SEP)

529 College Savings Plan Accounts are not eligible for customization at this time.

Adding or removing an investment

To remove an investment from your portfolio:

  1. 1. Select Edit Portfolio
  2. Activate the Edit investments toggle
  3. Use slider to adjust your allocation to 0%

Once you select Update portfolio, your target allocation should no longer include this investment. 

To add an investment to your portfolio:

  1. Activate the Edit investments toggle
  2. Select the Add investment button (under the list of investments in your portfolio)
  3. Search for or browse through available investments
  4. Select an investment
  5. Tap Add to portfolio
  6. Move the sliders left and right to edit the percentage allocation to that investment

Once you select Update portfolio, we’ll start to transition your portfolio to include your new investment(s) to your portfolio.

Switching to a recommended portfolio

If you’ve customized your portfolio, you can choose to switch to one of our recommended portfolios at any time.

  1. Navigate to your Automated Investing Account page
  2. Select Edit portfolio
  3. Select Switch
  4. Choose the recommended portfolio you’d like to use from the list

We will show you a recommended risk score (0.5 - 10) based on your risk level. If you choose to raise or lower the risk, select Increase risk or Decrease risk, and the corresponding allocation will change. 

To revert back to your recommended risk score, select Screen_Shot_2021-10-13_at_10.58.14_AM.pngbelow the risk score and choose to Switch to recommended risk or to Check risk level again.

To save your new portfolio, select Continue, then Update.

Want to learn more about customizing your portfolio? Here's a walkthrough on this: How to customize your portfolio

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