Customizing your portfolio

You can customize your Wealthfront portfolio in a variety of ways. If you already have a Wealthfront Investment Account open that you wish to customize, navigate to the account page in the app or on the website and click Edit portfolio

If you are opening a new Wealthfront Investment Account, we’ll ask you a brief series of questions and present you with a recommended portfolio. From there, you can select Edit portfolio on your Investment Account dashboard.

Which account types can I customize?

You can customize your individual, joint, or trust taxable Investment Account or IRA, but not your 529 College Savings Plan.

Adjusting your asset allocation

After you select Edit portfolio, you’ll see a list of your investments. Use the sliders to edit your allocation to each one, and click Update portfolio when you’re done.

Adding or removing an investment

To remove an investment from your portfolio, select Edit Portfolio and use the slider to adjust your allocation to 0%. 

To add an investment, select Add investment beneath the sliders. From there, you can browse our list of available investments. After you select an investment, you can review the details, tap Add to portfolio, then specify the percentage of your portfolio you’d like to allocate to that investment.

Adding the Risk Parity Fund, US Direct Indexing, or Smart Beta

To add Wealthfront exclusives (US Direct Indexing, Smart Beta, or the Risk Parity Fund) to your taxable Investment Account, select Add investment and then scroll to Wealthfront exclusives. Follow the prompts to add them to your portfolio. Please note that you won’t see Smart Beta displayed, but if you add US Direct Indexing to your account, you’ll automatically receive Smart Beta when your account balance reaches $500,000

Changing your risk score

Wealthfront assigns risk scores to our recommended portfolios. When you customize your portfolio, we’ll provide feedback on how the riskiness of your new portfolio compares to the riskiness of the portfolio we’d recommend for you. How you change your risk score depends on when you opened your account and whether you’ve customized it.

  • If you opened your account after April 2021 or have customized your portfolio: To change your risk score, select Edit portfolio and then scroll down and click See recommendation, then See recommended portfolio. From there, you can use the slider to adjust your risk score.
  • If you opened your account before April 2021 and have not customized: To change the risk score of your recommended portfolio, log into our website (not our mobile app), click on your account name in blue text, and click on your risk score in gray text on the bottom left. This will bring you to your settings where you can change your risk score. You'll be taken through the risk questionnaire again, but at the end you'll be able to change your risk score up or down.

Please note that when you change your risk score for taxable accounts, we don't automatically trade to your new risk tolerance. Instead, we first take the tax consequences into consideration before trading. Learn more here.

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